ACES China Branch Established at Jiangsu Normal University

Applied Computational Electromagnetcs Society (ACES) established its China branch at Jiangsu Normal University on August 31, 2017. The China branch will help biuld the relationship between ACES and Chinese scholars and Chines universities. The ACES China International Conference will hold very year in China. 2017 ACES China Conference was held at Suzhou, and 2018 ACES China conference will be held at Beijing.


2017年7月31日美国应用计算电磁学会(会议主席美国弗洛里达国际大学( Mohammed 教授访问江苏师范大学(,Osama Mohammed 教授与江苏师范大学校长周汝光教授就美国应用计算电磁学会和江苏师范大学合作在江苏师范大学成立ACES-China分部签署备忘录。2018年8月27日美国应用计算电磁学会SCI期刊主编Atef Elsherneni教授和江苏师范大学校长周汝光教授共同主持了揭牌仪式。其目的是为了加强美国应用计算电磁学会与中国高校在计算电磁学方面的合作,由双方共同发起主办的ACES-CHINA国际会议将每年在中国召开一次,2017年的ACES-CHINA会议在苏州召开,会议由新加波国立大学和江苏师范大学承办,2018年的ACES-CHINA会议在北京召开,会议由清华大学和北京航天航空大学承办。

2017 Smart Cities Industry-University-research International Strategy Conference was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu

From 14 to 17 September 2017, the Third IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, namely IEEE ISC2 2017, was held in Wuxi, a beautiful city nearby Taihu, in Jiangsu Province. ISC2 is the flagship conference sponsored by the IEEE Smart City Committee, which was successfully held in Mexico in 2015 and Italy in 2016.

2017 Smart Cities Industry-University-research International Strategy Conference is an important sub forum of The Third IEEE Smart Cities International Conference. This conference is focused on application, bringing 34 experts and professionals in smart cities, 10 government directors, 8 scientific research organizations and 5 enterprises all together, to interpret policies in smart cities, analyze smart city, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology’s applications in the professional fields and share small cities’ development achievements and experience in their own cities. The distinguished speakers made a splendid speech for all attendees with fascinating contents that closely relates to the front trends in industry. After conference, all attendees said that they benefit quite much from these speeches. In addition, the conference also sets up exhibition area for displaying smart cities achievements. There are total 17 smart cities achievements on display, which provides a platform for discussion and exchanges among attendees.

During the conference, Mr. Yu Jiansheng, vice president of Jiangsu Post and Telecommunications Planning and Designing Institute Co., ltd, wrote a Chinese calligraphy; the other attendees watched and enjoyed Chinese calligraphy show. After the conference, Mr. Yu presented the calligraphy inscription to this conference.


2017年9月14日至17日, IEEE第三届智慧城市国际会议(The Third IEEE International Smart Cities Conference ) 即IEEE ISC2 2017在美丽的太湖之滨江苏无锡隆重举行。 ISC2是IEEE智慧城市试点委员会主办的旗舰级系列会议,已于2015年、2016年分别在墨西哥和意大利成功举办。


Sino-US Rainbow Project Spoken Highly by American Professors

Recently, big data expert of National Center for Schooling Development Program, of China Ministry of Education (NCSDP), distinguished professor of Jiangsu Normal University, director of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Education Data Science and Engineering, Prof. Yu Wenhua, together with vice principal of Washington International Science and Technology Institute (WISATI)Ms. Zhou Fang, introduced Sino-US Rainbow Project launched by NCSDP to two famous American professors who just visited in China and made brief interviews to them.

Through advantages of two platforms National Center for Schooling Development Program, of China Ministry of Education and Washington International Science and Technology Institute, Sino-U.S. Rainbow Project will set up a communication and cooperation bridge between China application universities and American professors, so as that Sino-U.S. both parties can deeply understand needs of each other as well as China application universities have more opportunities to learn advanced transformation experience; meanwhile this project also provides a self-presented and knowledge-shared stage for all American professors who are fond of Chinese culture and are interested in visiting China.

The two American professors expressed their recognitions on Rainbow Project, spoke highly of the Sino-US Rainbow Project, which is a pragmatic, convenient, and innovative Chinese and foreign exchange project. This project provides a strong channel for promoting Sino-US educational and cultural exchanges.
Professor Ms. Jiao Dan from Purdue University in U.S. said that she goes back to hometown for visiting family members every year, later years through the Rainbow Project she can visit universities in her hometown, making some contributions for educational development in foreign exchanges in her hometown.

Professor Randy Haupt, from Colorado School of Mines in U.S., said that when he comes to China next time, he can visit more Chinese universities through Rainbow Project, feeling more Chinese culture and tasting more Chinese food. It is an exciting thing.





美国普渡大学(Purdue University)焦丹教授表示,自己每年都会回到家乡探亲,以后能通过彩虹桥访问家乡的大学,为家乡的教育发展与中外交流做一些贡献。